Thompson Brand Images – Marketing Photography Case Study #3 – Florida Preparatory School

Florida Air Academy, soon to be Florida Preparatory School – Florida Air Academy is and has long been a prominent, historical boarding independent school in Melbourne, Florida that has a rich history of air cadet training alongside its highly international educational culture. Florida Air academy is in a transition to become Florida Preparatory School.

Challenges: There were several: First, where we typically capture live action, in this project a large group of student models was chosen and drawn upon for each shot, where each student was placed exactly and then coached in what to convey for each of the photos. The second challenge was to create a body of imagery for the school that took the attention off of the air cadet training and which put more attention on the international character of the student body, the curriculum and lastly their successful sports programs. Images needed to primarily concentrate on student interaction and closeups that conveyed intimacy in key spots around their picturesque campus.

Solution: For student classroom shots, we stayed very closeup to convey intimacy and emotional content, while when outdoors we opened the shots up to include the classic architecture and placed students where they would complement the surroundings. Although air cadets were still on campus, we shot ‘around’ them so as not to send that message that the school is an academy as it was in the past.

Client Comment: β€œFor 2 days, Bob led a large group of international student models around key points of our campus, indoors and outdoors, literally putting together and lighting staged shots in dozens of environments. The results were amazing – the shots looked natural, the kids looked engaged and authentic, and he delivered a library of images that will help us powerfully launch our new brand through a robust print campaign and new website. We finally got the images we knew we needed but had no idea how to produce ourselves.”

James Dwight, Head of SchoolFlorida Preparatory School

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